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Business Partners

A product with over 30 years of tried and true tradition, encompassing a great taste, guaranteed to increase customer focus through increased customer retention, increased customer base, and thereby increased business profit, comes the pre-packaged cooked barbecue rib. The objective of this food product is to provide a quality and convenient specialty item that will entice the locals to come out to eat, drink and gamble at their favorite neighborhood bars, lounges or taverns.  


A convenient and familiar setting where scrumptious, finger-licking, melt-in-your mouth barbecue is provided and devoured, all while watching one's favorite sports teams perform throughout the week.  By offering this service to the lounges, bars and taverns through the provision of a precooked packaged meat product that can be sold in their place of business, the establishment and Tuck and Run Foundation will form a sound partnership. 


These bars, lounges and taverns would be considered Tuck and Run’s Business Partners. These business partners will have access to a list of precooked packaged BBQ meat products to choose from for purchase and delivered daily.  The product list will consist of: BBQ Chicken, St Louis BBQ, BBQ Spare Ribs, BBQ Beef Brisket, BBQ Hot Links, BBQ Rib Tips, BBQ Pulled Pork, and NY Steak. 


The fact that these products can be prepared in as little as three minutes and served to their customers with low labor and overhead cost makes this product a very viable business option.   The product will generate a profit in regards to their daily food sales, making the pre-packaged meat product an attractive and sustainable menu item.  Moreover, our business partners join with us in having a clear understanding that along with this great opportunity to generate increased revenue for their business, they are also forming a partnership that is in alignment with The Tuck and Run Foundation mission (Together Uniting Communities, Kids & Athletes by Navigating Developing & Revitalizing Urban Neighborhoods) by committing to becoming key players in causing a change in effect to the plight of homelessness and hunger here in the Las Vegas valley. 


This partnership will be comprised of business owners, the founding member of the foundation, who is also a current Oakland Raider alumnus (which will be known as Las Vegas Raiders in the year 2020), and a network of current and former professional athletes, all of whom embrace The Tuck and Run mission of being an agent of change within the Las Vegas valley.

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