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Tuck and Run Express BBQ

Coming Soon!!

In the state of Nevada, there are 365,160 people struggling with food insecurity, and of them 136,800 are children. Here in Clark County, 12.8% of people face food insecurity, and 46.3 million additional meals are needed every year to fill the gap between what is needed and people in the state of Nevada need an additional $190,010,000 annually to meet their food needs. We want to do our part.

The development of the Tuck and Run Food Services program will combine a family legacy with an ongoing need in our community to create maximum impact. Our food services program will create jobs and educational opportunities, generate revenue for the Tuck and Run Support Campus, and allow us to contribute to the 46.3 million meals that are needed to fill the gap between what is needed and what is available. 

If you want to contribute or invest in the Tuck and Run Food Services Program, please email us directly at You can also click HERE to go to our Contact Us page. 

Click HERE to learn how you can make a difference with the Tuck and Run Foundation 

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