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Tuck and Run Youth Campus




Nevada has the highest rate of unaccompanied, unsheltered youth in the country, and by region, Las Vegas comes in second nation wide. Approximately 92% of homeless youth are unsheltered on any given evening, but there are only 2 emergency shelters listed within the Las Vegas Valley that are focused on youth participants. There are few more that allow youth to stay with a parent or guardian. This is not enough. The purpose of the Tuck and Run Youth Campus is to become a physical manifestation of the mobile application. Our goals for the Campus include:

To concentrate on building trust based relationships with Las Vegas Youth

To establish a comprehensive system of wrap around services where youth can receive all the help they need in one place

To establish a location where youth can have fun and get help at the same time, on their terms

To establish a centralized location for community planing and collaborations 

Amenities and Features

  • Offices for On-Site Service Delivery

  • Showers

  • Classrooms

  • Clothing Closet

  • Technology Lab

  • Art and Music Room

  • Exercise areas including field, work out room, pool, and gym

  • Food Pantry

  • Auditorium

  • On-Site Laundry

  • Bathrooms

  • Gaming Room

  • Limited emergency and short term housing

  • Commercial Kitchen for On-Site Food Prep

Next Steps

Creating the Tuck and Run Youth Campus will be no easy task, and will include various aspects such as recruiting volunteers, obtaining a physical space, connecting with local service providers, and more. There is plenty to do, and we need your help. If you are interested in helping us specifically with the Tuck and Run Youth Campus, please contact us at or through our contact page HERE.

Click HERE to learn how you can make a difference with the Tuck and Run Foundation

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