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The Bench

"Our fight to end homelessness is a marathon race, not a sprint"

-Chris McLemore

     The Tuck and Run Foundation network of professional athletes will commit a monetary donation, time, or both, to help fight a growing epidemic of hunger and homelessness.  Indeed, this widespread occurrence is far beyond the limitation of simply being an “adult problem”. Increasingly, families are being destroyed and torn apart as they fall victim to homelessness.  Children are feeling the ill effects of having to experience life without a stable home.  Statistics reveal that our homeless youth population, (listed as runaways) range from 12 to 17 years of age. Of that demographic, 64% of that population is female.  As visibly and emotionally evidenced, these results have caused a very damaging effect to the current state of our urban neighborhoods and throughout the country. 

​     The Bench’s end game does not exist solely to assist in the provision of food for the homeless. The Tuck and Run Foundation will also aid in providing shelter, medical and mental awareness treatment programs, counseling and a safe haven for our youth. Furthermore, the Bench will be highly active in pursuing a positive change with regards to the homelessness and hunger situation in our communities; giving special emphasis particularly to our urban neighborhoods. This will all be facilitated by way of The Tuck and Run Foundation through the networking of other foundations, and together in cooperation with our Community Partners.

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