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Why Build A Mobile Application?


There are a variety of reasons why the Tuck and Run Youth Network is needed for young people. The technology that we have had access to as a society has experienced a boom since the 1980’s, but the way community services are located and accessed has mostly remained unchanged. When questioned at the Homeless Youth Summit, panel participants shared that they would be willing to go hungry before giving up their phones, and we have to realize what an important lifeline that is for them. By making the services available in a way that more young people are likely to have access to and utilize, we can increase the number of lives we are able to touch and influence.

While vast technological advances are needed in regards to the way young people access and utilize services, these upgrades alone are not enough. When youth experience traumatic situations, such as becoming homeless, being bullied, or riding with a friend that has started drinking and is now unsafe, they tend to operate on "auto pilot". Some will reach out to a trusted adult or local service providers, but many will turn to friends and other young people for answers and support. We want to become part of that "auto pilot"thought process for young people. Our goal is to bring the community together through the  Tuck and Run Youth Network so that young people can truly see what all is being done for them here in their city, and so we can do more!


We are confident that we can start building long-lasting bridges with young people by being constant and consistent in our outreach efforts, and that this will help youth begin to trust the community that is trying to help them. This will also allow us to identify any gaps in services or outreach efforts, and begin the process of filling those in. By making a genuine, passionate effort to establish trust and build rapport with young people when they are not in crisis, we can increase the likelihood that they will place us in their "auto pilot mode" and reach out when they are.

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