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What Can YOU do?

     Here at the Tuck and Run Foundation, we have goals to make a positive change in the Las Vegas Valley. We want to take an entirely new approach to dealing with young people by focusing on building trust based relationships to encourage access with local area services.           


     We are focused on bringing the community together in unparalleled ways to maximize current resources, identify gaps in those resources, and establish collaborative efforts to address the gaps. We envision a youth center where we can provide immediate solutions that are truly tailored to the needs of each individual young person we encounter. We are also learning how to better utilize technology to revolutionize the way services are offered and accessed. But we know we cannot do it alone. It's going to take our entire village to accomplish our plans to help, but together we are unstoppable. There are many ways to contribute to the work we are doing here, including:



As we expand our efforts in the community, we will need volunteers that can help us plan and host events, create flyers and materials with materials, help youth get to various services while we set up our youth center and more! Learn about our current volunteer opportunities HERE


Donations from the community allow us to continue the variety of work we are doing to help young people. Your support will allow us to keep the Las Vegas Youth Resource Network mobile app up and running, connect with youth, foster community collaborations and more. To learn more about how your donations help, or to go ahead and donate, click HERE

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Support the App

Supporting our mobile application shows young people in our community that we are about them and making sure they have the tools they need to be successful. It also shows community supporters that we are all in this together. Ready about ways to support our mobile application HERE

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