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las vegas youth resource network

The Las Vegas Youth Resource Network is the answer to a problem faced by unaccompanied, unsheltered youth in our community. During the 2018 Youth Homelessness Summit, Tuck and Run was able to learn just how big of an issue this is, and heard from youth looking for better

ways to connect with the resources they so desperately need.


Using this information, the Tuck and Run Foundation started working on a solution.
We recognized that youth were really asking for a community that was easily
accessible to them and that’s exactly what we want to provide. Our goal is to create
a network that will allow youth to get help immediately, obtain long term support, as
well as create a bridge to those who are truly invested in helping them succeed.
Through exclusive events, our school outreach plan, and our commitment to
involve youth directly as often as possible, we will create a safe place for youth to
have their voice heard and create bonds that will make them comfortable reaching
out in good times as well as bad.


With the creation of the the Las Vegas Youth Resource Network, Tuck and Run is
dedicated to making a real, impactful, long lasting change in our neighborhoods, but
we can’t do it alone. In 2019, our main priority is publishing the mobile application
with input from youth as well as those who serve this population. Additionally, we
will be building a solid base of community supporters to ensure a successful launch
of the Las Vegas Youth Resource Network. With your help, we look forward to
creating a foundation that will allow us to improve the lives of all youth in Las
Vegas for years to come.

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Las Vegas Youth Resource Network Privacy Policy

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